May Madness

We started off on a road trip to California from Minnesota thinking that May

would be a safe bet travel wise. Guess again.....we hit snow sleet hail thunderstorms

lightening and in some cases large bugs that would blacken the windshield. Needless

to say it was a white knuckle ride thanks to some crazy weather. We took a different route this trip and headed to Kansas City to visit friends and then on to Estes Park to visit friends.

They all made me feel so welcome and I even got to stay in the house with my family. We made it to Moongate just in time to say goodbye to Dan OBrien who was living at Moongate

and making some mighty fine wine for us. His dog Alma was the caretaker while I was away.

She probably had as much fun as I do chasing all the different critters through the vineyard.

Our family spent two months at Moongate getting reacquainted with our neighbors who have

become some of the best people we know. So great to feel at home and have fun with the local dogs and families. We continue to work on projects, some that are from the fire of 2017

and some of our own making to continue improving Moongate.

So we will be returning this late July and be hanging in the hood for a few months. We are trying to add a porch to the house and dig a new well. Not small projects....but well worth the efforts. My buddy, Amelia Foster came and visited me for 5 days which was wonderful. She is a great hiker and lover of the area. We got to tour Jack London State Park, Sugar Loaf State Park and also went to the Tuesday evening Farmers Market in Sonoma. Lots of people and lots of sniffing going on just checking out the areas. My buddy, Chris Foster will be celebrating a birthday in August, so we will host some friends as well as other guests for a fall harvest party. Lots going on, so I get alot of exercise following Vickie back and forth and back and forth as she plans and prepares ....... just sayin. I am hanging with my friend Colleen at the moment as the family is now back east before their return to the west. We are also looking forward to the Sonoma Plein Air Festival in September where artists come from all over the world to paint the local beauty of the vineyards and area in full harvest bloom. I hope somebody paints me as I am an official vineyard dog. To be continued when

my offical portrait is debuted......I am getting older so I hope they hurry up......the grays are

coming on like crazy at age 11...what is that in human years?! Anyway it has been a glorious run to be continued!

My yard


Moongate Vineyard 2017

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