Wildlife and South Dakota Merlot

Our first wildlife sighting was at a gas station....I was out of the car for a potty break and

there was a random turtle cruising around the gas station parking area. We took a look at

each other and decided it was better to leave each other alone. We also saw many

types of cows grazing the beautiful hills on highway 90 along with deer and horses, but no bison

in sight. As we neared Wall Drug exit (didn't stop) the clouds were building over the Black

Hills and soon heavy rain was falling as the temperature took a "rapid" 20 degree drop.

The folks checked into a very nice hotel I and enjoyed a nice dinner while I cooled

it in the car. Then we were off to downtown and the famous Firehouse Brewery where the guys

enjoyed Mail Order Bride brew (aptly described as very bitter) while the ladies sipped Black Hills

merlot, followed by a cast iron skillet of s'mores.. I waited in the car and missed out on the thousands

of firefighter patches on the brewery walls and thanked again the thousands of first responders who

fought the wine country fires last year.

Maybe they will cook some s'mores at Moongate and I'll get to lick the pan! Today it's off to

Mount Rushmore enroute to Cody Wyoming .

By the way the photo was taken just outside of Salt Lake City and the clouds were amazing along with the

full moon rising nover the horizon and sunset setting creating this beautiful witness to nature as one travels across this beautiful country.


Moongate Vineyard 2017

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