On the road again...

It has been a while since I have been to Moongate but we are leaving this Saturday for another adventure.

Since my family lives in Minnesota we will be on the road for three days so that I can come with and enjoy

the vineyard.

Rumor has it that the Harvest was very successful this year. The Zinfandel was harvested by Chris Foster

Drew Beson, Luke Shimp, and Dan O'Brien they are featured on the blog post photo. There are photos on the gallery page for the process. The merlot will be used in a three different private labels. One for Lukes Shimps...restaurants Red Cow and Red Rabbit in Minneapolis and St Paul. Brandon Allens Slodown wines will also be using the merlot in a blend. They are all pretty excited about their soon to be wine creations....I am just excited to be back and bound through the vineyard chasing the pesky deer. I am looking forward to seeing Souka, the neighbors chocolate lab as well. We like to get into trouble if we can down by the Sonoma Creek banks....

lots of burrs and good smells for us to enjoy. This will be we travel across our beautiful country to

Kenwood California.


Moongate Vineyard 2017

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