June in Califonia

Hello...I spent 5 glorious weeks in California. During that time we had many visitors after our wonderful renter Kathleen left on her journey cross country to find a new home. During my trip through Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse we had fantastic weather and blue skies. We toured Yellowstone where the wildlife were just waking up from the long winter and frolicking in the spring green. Unfortunately I spent most of my time in the car as Yellowstone has strict leash laws which I had to obey. I was happy to be out of the car when we arrived at Moongate and took off through the vineyard chasing, smelling and enjoying. The barn was the area I hung out the most as that was the focus of this stay. The windows from the old farmhouse were added to the barn wall facing the creek. They are original to the house to bring light and a view of the mountain and vines into the space. A beautiful piece of wood was sanded and used for the bar along with a 100 year old workbench. The bench was power washed for days and ended up becoming a focal point for the barn. The barn was outfitted with a complete kitchen. The wine cellar was cleaned and prepared to store our Zinfandel vintage 2017 and eventually 2018. A ping pong table was added in the barn and a small white ball kept falling on the floor; I chased that around. My new friend Dan O' Brien, winemaker and owner of Gail Wines, will be taking over Moongate in August and I hope I can visit him ....he seems like a pretty nice guy. There was a pile of wood next to the barn that I spent a lot time sniffing and trying to chase out some critters and I also ventured down the creek to see what was going on. The deer are always in need of chasing so all and all it was a good trip and adventure for a pretty good time for a dog like me.


Moongate Vineyard 2017

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