California here we come!

We plan on leaving Minnesota for California the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend travelling with another couple joining me, Misty Moonlight, the vineyard dog. On our road trip last year, we planned to take a more leisurely pace with stops at Mt Rushmore, Cody WY, Yellowstone Park, Jackson Hole and Lake Tahoe on the route. I will have to be very careful and stay on the leash in Yellowstone to avoid any wildlife who might think of me as a nice snack. We hope to get to Moongate Vineyard in time to bid a fond farewell to Kathleen and her daughters who have been renting since the tragic fire loss of their Santa Rosa home in October.

Then my job will be to keep the deer and gophers at bay while my family works hard getting the vineyard , house and barn into tip top shape for our next visitors due in the first of August. They take a lot of wine breaks so I do get moments to sit and smell the roses. I'm told they may bring along a new dog buddy as well and I will be happy to show him/her the ropes and vines at Moongate Vineyard. There are a couple of nice neighbor dogs that have been doing my job. They are much bigger.....but I think that I can keep my place in the hood. Looking forward to a good chase in the vineyard...and many good walks and sunsets in the Valley of the Moon.

That is, if I make it through Yellowstone Park in one piece!


Moongate Vineyard 2017

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