September 5, 2019

My family has been here for two months and I have been in charge of deer patrol.  So far so good

but I am having trouble with the burrs and I am in need of grooming.  Guess we need to find a spot for me to get beautified.  Another new experience here! 

It has been we celebrated Chris Fosters birthday here,  Amelia Foster came to visit hike and

enjoy the scenery.  Many friends have visited and some have just stopped by. ....super nice

that folks are interested in what is going on here.  We have our 2017 wine bottled and in the cellar

we have finished up the barn for entertaining. Tony calls this place the salt mines as there is always a

new project......just sayin. For me it is has been good to get so much exercise even at the age of 11, I 

can still make tracks. 

We also have enjoyed good times with our neighbors in the area. Our one friend is a pretty good fisherman and he caught an 18 pound salmon off Tiberon and...

April 18, 2019

Hello...I spent 5 glorious weeks in California.  During that time we had many visitors after our wonderful renter Kathleen left on her journey cross country to find a new home. During my trip through Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse we had fantastic weather and blue skies.  We toured Yellowstone where the wildlife were just waking up from the long winter and frolicking in the spring green. Unfortunately I spent most of my time in the car as Yellowstone has strict leash laws which I had to obey.  I was happy to be out of the car when we arrived at Moongate and took off through the vineyard chasing, smelling and enjoying. The barn was the area I hung out the most as that was the focus of this stay.  The windows from the old farmhouse were added to the barn wall facing the creek.   They are original to the house  to bring light and a view of the mountain and vines into the space.  A beautiful piece of wood was sanded and used for the bar along wit...

April 18, 2019

We plan on leaving Minnesota for California the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend traveling with another couple joining me, Misty Moonlight, the vineyard dog.  On our road trip last year, we planned to take a more leisurely pace with stops at Mt Rushmore, Cody WY, Yellowstone Park, Jackson Hole and Lake Tahoe on the route. I will have to be very careful and stay on the leash in Yellowstone to avoid any wildlife who might think of me as a nice snack. We hope to get to Moongate Vineyard in time to bid a fond farewell to Kathleen and her daughters who have been renting since the tragic fire loss of their Santa Rosa home in October.

Then my job will be to keep the deer and gophers at bay while my family  works hard getting the vineyard , house and barn  into tip top shape for our next visitors due in the first of August.  They take a lot of wine breaks so I do get moments to sit and smell the roses.  I'm told they may bri...

April 18, 2019

It has been a while since I have been to Moongate but we are leaving this Saturday for another adventure.

Since my family lives in Minnesota we will be on the road for three days so that I can come with and enjoy

the vineyard.

Rumor has it that the Harvest was very successful this year.  The Zinfandel was harvested by Chris Foster

Drew Beson, Luke Shimp,  and Dan O'Brien they are featured on the blog post photo. There are photos on the gallery page for the process.   The merlot will be used in a three different private labels.  One for Lukes Shimps...restaurants Red Cow and Red Rabbit in Minneapolis and St Paul.  Brandon Allens Slodown wines will also be using the merlot in a blend.  They are all pretty excited about their  soon to be wine creations....I am just excited to  be back and bound through the vineyard chasing the pesky deer.   I am looking forward to seeing Souka,  the neighbors chocolate lab as well. We like to get into trouble if we...

April 18, 2019

Hello again.... I will be on my way to California after a very long Minnesota winter.  We just got another huge

snowstorm on us right after NCAA tournament  which was hosted in Minneapolis.     But,  enough about MInnesota

I am back on my way to California, hopefully to meet my new friend Alma, who has been at Moongate

Vineyard since December.  She is very cute and I hope to be a big sister to her.....if she comes over to

visit. Our trip will include a couple of visits on the road in Kansas City and Estes Park and then on to 

Salt Lake City and finally Sonoma.  California dreaming......vineyard romping.....lots of new smells!

April 18, 2019

Our first wildlife sighting was at a gas station....I was out of the car for a potty break and

there was a random turtle cruising around the gas station parking area.  We took a look at

each other and decided it was better to leave each other alone.  We also saw many 

types of cows grazing the beautiful hills on highway 90 along with deer and horses,  but no bison

in sight.  As we neared Wall Drug exit (didn't stop) the clouds were building over the Black

Hills and soon heavy rain was falling as the temperature took a "rapid" 20 degree drop.

The folks checked into a very nice hotel I and enjoyed a nice dinner while I cooled

it in the car.  Then we were off to downtown and the famous Firehouse Brewery where the guys

enjoyed Mail Order Bride brew (aptly described as very bitter) while the ladies sipped Black Hills 

merlot, followed by a cast iron skillet of s'mores.. I waited in the car and missed out on the thousands

of firefighter patches on the b...

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